About Us

What is FULEH?

As a result of the increasing health literacy and health awareness with the pandemic process, as well as the inequality in health service access, cost and demand increase, the need for strong and visionary leaders is increasing in the health sector, which is growing day by day as a global value. The need for young and strong minds to manage, guide and change this giant industry is inevitable. FULEH set out by recognizing all these shortcomings and developed its strategic planning to address them. With our programs that we will develop in this field, we find the potential leaders of the future and encourage and support them to unleash their potential with solid foundations and the right guidance. We continue on our path as an organization that aims to discover the healthcare leaders of the new generation and develop them as capable people. We provide young minds with the leadership experiences and skills they need and raise them as competent individuals.

FULEH acts with the mission of ensuring the sustainability of the healthcare sector in our country and becoming a role model in the international arena. It aims to create and expand a leadership ecosystem with special programs and extraordinary opportunities for employees of the healthcare sector who have high potential and can make a difference.